Chris Cuomo Declares Physical War

A report on Breitbart today relates the statements by Chris Cuomo on CNN that it is morally acceptable to assert violence on bigots, a term commonly used to refer to the same population of the USA as Hillary’s “Deplorables”.  Claiming that it is morally “different” when violence is righteously asserted, because the bigots have asserted violence with their words, and therefore deserve the violence which they have called upon themselves.

Cuomo is referring to the Left’s claim of moral rectitude in all they do, having no violations of their own rules. By using  the standard Atheist-Leftist tactic of self-sanctification, Cuomo declares war on everyone who does not accept Leftist decrees as morally and intellectually binding. In other words, at least half of Americans.

Half of Americans are now declared fair game for Antifa, BLM and any random Leftist. In other words, war has been officially declared on non-Leftists, and the declaration is by CNN, the locus of MSM complaints regarding being called “enemies of the people”. The irony is nearly infinite.

What’s next in the Leftist, media-instigated war – physical warfare – on the citizens of the USA? The gauntlet is now thrown; the media is a conglomerate of liars; violence has been anointed the ultimate moral status.







Manufacturing Outrage To Avoid the IG Report on the FBI

“So, let’s get this straight. President Trump decided to prosecute all immigrants who cross the border illegally. The U.S. government would not prosecute children, so they were held separately from their parents. Democrats complain that families are being separated.

Now, Trump reversed course, saying that children will be detained with their parents. So Democrats … complain that families will be kept together.

Democrats blamed Trump for trying to “use those kids as political pawns,” but Democrats are doing the same thing.”

TYler O’Nei