Mahr, HuffPo, and Horny Tranny Demonstrate Leftist Corrupt Thought For All to See

Maher Dismisses Strzok Text to Page About Stopping Trump Presidency — ‘It Was to Make the Sex Hotter’

Stupid excuses for treasonous behavior. Because: Leftist Disorder written into the Narrative.

Brought to You by Verizon: Woke HuffPost Editor Cracks Jokes About Jews, Lesbians

Oh, it’s OK. Why? Leftist Disorder Written into the Narrative.

Surprise! ‘Transgender’ Killer Removed From Female Prison. For Having Sex With Women…

Uh Oh. Double problem here: transgenders are all nice folks, AND must be accommodated according to their preferred gender, right? So this guy/gal must be released and compensated for his/her pain and suffering, right?


Paradox as Reasoning

With the advent of post-modernism and its stepchild, post-truth, the entire western culture has been saturated with internally inconsistent reasoning which is declared “true” – even in a culture of “no truth”, the first of many paradoxes in cultural thought.

For glaring example, even as Trump provides an historic deviation from the previous stalemate with North Korea, and even gets Kim to agree in principle to denuclearization of the Korean peninisula, the Left continues to scream “traitor”, “treason” and “impeachment”. And that with zero evidence of any – any – wrongdoing by the POTUS.

If belief in mutually contradictory principles is irrational, then the Atheist, Leftist, one world commune – ists are determined to display their irrationality.

But Trump did not bring about that irrationality. Consider the paradox of “one world, without borders”. The inclusiveness touted by the Left includes the mutually exclusive Islam cultures, which wish to kill each other as well as Jews, Israelis, gays, and to enslave non-Muslims including Leftists and Democrats of all stripes.

Consider the DNC which which publicly denied access to Democrat party office to whites, in the name of inclusiveness.

Consider the lowering of standards in all public arenas from firefighting to military physical standards to provide “equality” to women who obviously are not the physical equal of males.

Consider the (illegal) use of affirmative action to leverage blacks into universities where they either cannot compete or if they graduate are considered to have been unjustly favored over asians and whites.

Consider the pseudo-legal reasoning of university feminists who “must always believe the woman” in he-said, she-said sexual charges. The female is pre-judged to the victim, and thus blameless. Pre-judging in favor of a Class Member directly contradicts any concept of judicial fairness.

There are many, many such paradoxes in AtheoLeftist though and demeanor. But it’s possible that they all trace back to the original Atheist paradox: the material universe explains itself. Or would explain itself if the government would supply more cash to “science”.

It is rationally impossible for X to explain X. Here’s why: if X exists, there must be a reason outside X for its existence, OR X always existed. The concept of X explaining itself is blatantly circular, contradictory and internally inconsistent.

On a universal basis, the existence of a material universe cannot be explained by any material existence. The universe did not always exist according to cosmology. So the universe is the result of an outside cause, a non-material cause with the agency for causation of material existence.

Denials of this are religious in nature, in that they are believed without evidence or logic to support the denials. Thus philosophical materialism is completely internally non-coherent: paradoxical, and without logical merit. The belief is commonly held religiously in the sense of having no support from material evidence or valid, testable logic.

Leftism and Atheism, then are demonstrably irrational and are virulent religions which have seized the psyches of at least half of the US population as well as most of western European population. The gratification attached to the belief in paradox is couched in personal belief in the superiority of self and class, both morally and intellectually. And of course, religiously.

Return, Again

I’m back again, if anyone is still out there watching.

Google still has me shut out of my blog, for the third time. They are insufferable.

And my computer from 2010 crashed at about the same time. I took it to the Geek Squad and didn’t get it back until yesterday… Double whammy.

I will reside here now, and leave blogspot to the googlers. I will gradually bring the ten year history from blogspot to here, after I figure out how to do it.